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Photographer: Lindsey Bahia / Unslash.com

Photographer: Lindsey Bahia / Unslash.com



Poetry gigSense of home

18:00 - 19:30

The Riff. Bar

What is home? The one we have or the one we only dream of, lost or found, ours or someone else's.

Sense of home is a topic of the poetry gig, which will feature poets writing in different languages: Finnish, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Arabic or Greek.

The event will take place in the informal atmosphere of the iconic rock bar in the heart of Helsinki.


  • Iya Kiva (Ukraine)
  • Mathias Rosenlund (Finland)
  • Sini Silveri (Finland)
  • Ye Yint Thet Zwe (Burma)
  • Sveta Grigorjeva (Estonia)
  • Jose Rico (Mexico)
  • Olga Spyropoulou (Greece)
  • Diego Pansani (Brazil)
  • Csilla Csépke (Hungary)
  • Hamdam Zakirov (Uzbekistan)


Hamdam Zakirov

Admission is free, but pre-registration is required.