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Screenshot: Govadas, 2018

Screenshot: Govadas, 2018



Lost – SearchProgram for the short film screening

16:30 - 18:40


A short film screening is held at the Riviera movie theatre on 1.10.2022 as part of the CulturaFest. The program includes movies from four countries, all sharing a common theme, the Future of Belonging, which is also the theme of CulturaFest this year.

The program consists of two sections, both lasting for approximately one hour.


The first section is called “Losing”. The filmmakers of section discuss the experience of losing connection, what it is like to lose connection to place, culture, identity, life, reality, and even the planet.

— A Strange Message From Another Star (1998, 30 min, Finland) / Director: Veli Granö
— Via Karelia (2021, 12 min, Finland, Canada) / Director: Elian Mikkola
— Unrooted (2022, 2:24 min, Ukraine) / Director: Andzej Gavriss
— Please Leave a Message After the Tone (2021, 11 min, Finland) / Director: Risto-Pekka Blom

The second section is called “Searching”. These movies from Finland, Portugal, and the Netherlands discuss searching for new connections and thoughts, searching for a new home and your own place, and the sense of belonging.

— Checkpoint (2019, 6 min, Portugal) / Director: Juulia Kalavainen
— Govadas (2018, 9 min, Finland) / Director: Elina Oikari
— Ride of Passage (2019, 7 min, Finland) / Director: Vilja Autiokyrö, Katri Myllyniemi
— Sanatorium (2019, 19 min, the Netherlands) / Director: Masha Osipova
— All Inclusive (2019, 15 min, Finland) / Director: Teemu Nikki

Language / Subtitles: Original language / English

Free entry, signing up in advance is required.
Limited places available.